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AlKifah Holding Company

Through determination, dedication and hard work AlKifah Holding Company was established from more than 45 years ago by Sheikh Hassan Al Afaleq.

AlKifah Holding Company Board Members continued their father’s legacy and reached the ultimate prosperity aspiring to move further in their triumphed achievements.

AlKifah Holding Company created a name for itself by participating in many economic and investment divisions, the most important of them are the construction solutions division,  contracting division and property development division.

Services at AlKifah Holding are not limited to building and construction divisions, it also shined at the retail division, as well as the community enrichment division.

AlKifah feels the responsibility to pay back the community through social services in all fields, this appeared in several charitable and developmental projects that aims to boost the sustainability and social level.

AlKifah Readymix & Blocks

AlKifah Ready-mix and blocks is one of the main companies in AlKifah group with an investments of more than one billion Saudi Riyals.

AlAhsa Ready-Mix Factory was the core foundation and the first breakthrough of AlKifah Ready-Mix & Blocks.

AlKifah Ready-Mix & Blocks Company provides as well concrete and interlock, it maintained the level of international quality and standards since its start.

The company also has more than 27 prime locations over the Kingdom in which they are distributed among the Eastern Region at AlAhsa, Dammam and Jubail. In the central region in Riyadh. in the west region at Jeddah, Makkah, and Madinah. One of the oldest factories is located in the north region specifically Hail, it has a new electronic factory for blocks and interlock production.

KiCE Construction Equipment

For over a decade, KiCE has a distinguish place in the construction equipment market, and a strong base of loyal customers inside and outside the Kingdom. KiCE obtained many ISO certificates which specialize in manufacturing and selling construction equipment. KiCE factory in AlAhsa produces batching plant, transitmixer and mobile plant, as well as gravel and sand washing units. The company provides aftersales services such as repairing, maintenance and spare parts. It has maintained its reputation and high level of work through the latest design techniques, in order to suit customer’s specifications and environmental considerations.

KiCE is a supplier and an exclusive agent for major companies such as Snowkey for concrete cooling systems, Truemax Machinery and Equipment Company for tower cranes, JUNJIN for mobile and static pumps, and SINOMACH for its multifunctional truck cranes and wheel loaders. These equipment are sold in the Saudi market as well as GCC, the company provides aftersales service for these products.

AlKifah Precast

AlKifah Precast Company was founded in 2009. It’s recognized for its high quality products and excellent services. AlKifah Precast is one of the biggest factories of Precast in the Kingdom since it provides a complete precast package consisting of designing, manufacturing, transporting and erection of precast concrete units to suit any project.

AlKifah Precast Company (KPC) operates with the latest technologies and advanced manufacturing methods by a team of experts. This factory can fulfill all the needs and aspirations of its customers, which starts from an accurate design to production and construction.

AlKifah Precast has a group of precast concrete units, which includes both architectural claddings and structural precast concrete units, suitable for all kinds of building and infrastructure projects.


KiLO was established to support the construction division. It provides logistic services starting from the purchase of basic construction materials (sand, cement, gravel, water, diesel) to storing and delivering them to the client’s work site.

KiLO deals with Saudi Aramco and holds notable shares in the Saudi cement factory. It also has a distinctive and outstanding fleet which facilitate the transportation across a large number of sites and ensures that the standard time for delivery meets the requirements of the client.


Osama AlAfaliq Engineering Consulting (OAEC) is considered one of the pioneer offices in the architecture sector. It provides to its clients a high-end of professional consultancy services through the help of professional talented staff in all engineering disciplines covering urban, residential, offices, retail and infrastructure through using the latest technologies for building information modelling (BIM).