Construction Of Administration Buildings - AlKifah Contracting

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  • Client:
    Royal Commission
  • Duration:
    52 Months
  • Budget:
    More than 500 Million
  • location:
    Jubail, KSA
  • Type of project:
    Civil & Infrastructure
  • Status:
    On going

Project Description :

As part of the university project in the Royal commission , Alkifah has taken upon itself to erect the 5 storey administration building with a maximum height of 42.6 m and a Perimeter of 1920 m with a total area including all floors 163,000 m2 . This task was achieved through pre-fabricated material ( pre-cast ) and traditional concrete pourings. This type of construction was used to complete the project in record time and without compromising the integrity of such buildings. The main idea is that the administration building should set a leading example of the quality throughout the university. This is why the building must maintain the highest quality and the best workmanship. The total cost of the project was 573,797,760 SAR