KFUPM Business Park - AlKifah Contracting

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  • Client:
  • Duration:
    4 Years
  • Budget:
    1.5 Billion
  • location:
    Dhahran, KSA
  • Type of project:
    Buildings & Residential
  • Status:
    on- going

Project Description :

A large scale project including multistory buildings for a modern business park. This project in within the confines of the prestigious KFUPM. This marks a continuous progress to the ever growing campus that graduated many fine society members in saudi arabia and around the world. The project is split into two parts with each part consisting of multiple multi-storey building with 7 to 10 storeys. The total cost of this project is approximately 1.58 billion. Considering Al Kifah is in the process of completing 12 buildings for aramco’s Ajyal project . The expertise of that project will contribute to perfecting this new one as well. Construction has a way of repeating itself and leading contractors such as alkifah rely heavily on process optimisation and lessons learned to excel and perform optimally.