SAKAKA PROJECT - AlKifah Contracting

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  • Client:
    Ministry Of Housing
  • Duration:
    70 Months
  • Budget:
    More than 250 Million
  • location:
  • Type of project:
    Building & Residential
  • Status:
    on- going

Project Description :

This project involved the construction of 2 storied 241 villas and 4 mosques. Each villa has an area of 600 m2 summing up a total area of 900,000 m2 with a total cost of about 245 million. The execution of this kind of project requires continuous coordination meetings so that the work can go by smoothly and re-work is to an absolute minimum. This in turn reduces waste and optimises the results. Furthermore, monitoring of these activities and waste management is also achieved from the head office that over looks all alkifah projects and controls the conditions from a high prospective.